Meleana grew up sitting with her Tutu (grandmother) while she created beautiful combinations of flowers into her coveted Haku lei's.  This immersion of flowers as her basis for inspiration grew into a love for beautiful bright bold floral fabrics.  In 2004, with a large collection of treasured vintage fabrics she launched her handbag line.  Each bag was one of a kind, celebrating the fabric's color, texture and uniqueness.  She then migrated to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and hone her skills as a fashion designer.  With eyes wide open she immersed herself in New York City as her knowledge and style grew and refined, but ultimately her muse, her island home called her back.  Returning to Hawaii, she has consulted and collaborated for numerous projects as well as working under her Aunty and mentor Danene Lunn of the widely popular contemporary aloha wear line, Manuheali'i.  

After a small break from fashion to enjoy new-motherhood, Meleana's small family moved into her Tutu's historical home in Manoa. The lei garden, the photos and sense of nostalgia awoke a desire in Meleana to re-discover her own lei making.  A year later, she has found herself holding popular workshops to share her knowledge, styles fashion shoots with her Lei's and is one of the "go to" Haku Lei makers ofHonolulu.  This recent immersion into her Tutu's world has only added to her inspiration as a designer as caretaker of her Tutu's re-known Mu'umu'u collection.  With a ready to wear collection launch coming soon, we can expect to see bright florals and playful yet sophisticated silhouettes all with a nod to the era where lei's and floral adornment were a pre-requisite for an evening out.  Whether a intricate colorful lei or an effortless floral frock, we hope a little bit of Aloha fills your heart!